Hi my name is Alex

Welcome to the crossroads of resilience, growth, and transformation. I'm your guide on this journey, an Army Combat Veteran who's navigated the terrains of combat, tech, and consulting, now turned coach and writer. My life's mission? To distill the essence of my diverse experiences into actionable insights that empower you to live boldly and without compromise.

My background is as varied as it is rich. From the discipline and camaraderie of the military to the innovation and pace of the tech world, and the strategic thinking of consulting, I've collected a treasure trove of lessons on leadership, perseverance, and adaptability. These lessons are the bedrock of my coaching philosophy, designed to help you navigate the challenges of modern life with confidence and purpose.

But I'm not just my experiences. As a husband and dad, I know the value of balance and the deep fulfillment that comes from nurturing relationships and community. I'm a dog person, which speaks to my belief in loyalty, joy, and the simple pleasures of life. Health and fitness are my passions, not just as pursuits of physical well-being, but as disciplines that sharpen the mind and spirit.

In every aspect of life, there's an opportunity for growth, for pushing beyond the familiar into the extraordinary. My commitment is to you—to guide, inspire, and support you as you uncover the strength within, pursue your passions, and craft a life that's not just lived, but fully embraced.