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The real pandemic: fuckarounditis

The real pandemic: fuckarounditis
Photo by Jack Hunter / Unsplash

In the grand, chaotic gym of life, there’s a pandemic sweeping across the floors, and it ain't the flu. It’s called fuckarounditis. This ailment? It’s the silent dream killer, the progress snatcher, the gains goblin in disguise.

Fuckarounditis is the lack of progress resulting from aimless, ineffective workouts and a lack of structured training and nutrition plans, often characterized by hopping between trends and neglecting fundamentals.

This disease doesn’t care for your sweat. It feeds on aimlessness and breeds in the comfort zones of those too scared to lift a little heavier, push a little harder, or follow a plan that works. The symptoms? A mediocre physique that screams "I guess I kind of workout," and a progress chart flatter than the earth some folks still believe in.

Caught in the grips of fuckarounditis myself, I wandered aimlessly in the fitness wilderness for years. Yet, in the last 4-5 months, something clicked—curing me of this affliction, leading to smashing a lot of personal records and getting some unsolicited nods of respect for my evolving physique (entirely from dudes). This transformation wasn't accidental; a deliberate shift in mindset and strategy propelled me forward, a blueprint I believe could also revolutionize your approach.

This was the video that sparked everything for me:

I grabbed the bull by the horns, cooked up a bunch of spreadsheets, and hammered out my routines in my workout app like a mad scientist plotting his next big discovery. Then, I set up a maze of reminders—my personal drill sergeants—to make damn sure I'm marching through each phase of this battle plan, squeezing every last drop of gain from it, leaving nothing on the table but sweat and progress.

Honestly, it was a ton of work to get it all going, but I can't see lifting (or eating) any different for the rest of my life. I'm teetering on the edge of spilling all the beans in a future post or just helping those who are interested.

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