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Don't call it a comeback

Don't call it a comeback
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Today kicks off the start of something new—a return to the gritty, unfiltered process of throwing my thoughts onto the page, sans the gloss and polish that often dilutes the raw essence of personal writing. It's been too long since I've ventured into this territory, opting instead to gorge myself on the endless buffet of content the digital age throws our way. Books, podcasts, series—you name it, I'm tired of bingeing on all this information and doing nothing with it.

This isn't some grandiose declaration of my comeback tour, nor a promise of life-altering revelations in every post. But it's a start—a step towards shedding the skin of passive consumption in favor of active creation. I want to offer something that feels like a cool glass of water in a desert of digital noise: useful, refreshing, maybe even indispensable on a good day.

For those of you who've been with me since the Appearing Superhuman newsletter days, consider this the next evolution. We might even slap a new label on it, just for kicks. If you're reading this and wondering, "When the hell did I sign up for this?"—feel free to bail. No offense taken. But if you stick around, I promise to keep it interesting.

I'm diving back into my roots, scavenging the wilderness of the internet and the depths of my own experiences to share the gold I find. From the pages of the books that keep me up at night to the dark corners of YouTube and beyond, I'll bring you the good stuff—the advice that's too rare to stumble upon and the insights that make you pause.

Along the way, I'll try my hand at stirring up some original content, hoping to spark a little inspiration or, at the very least, offer a decent distraction.

So, here's to the journey ahead—may it be as raw and rewarding as the best of them 🍻

Alex Lenox