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Embracing the Renaissance Man in a Specialized World

Embracing the Renaissance Man in a Specialized World
Photo by Blaz Erzetic / Unsplash

For as long as memory serves, stillness and I were never on speaking terms. Not in the jittery, can't-sit-still sort of way, but in a relentless pursuit of... well, everything.

Boredom? That's a concept that's never found its way into my world.

Seriously, my to-do list (more like "could do" list) is a beast, sprawling longer than any lifetime could tackle.

Spare moments? They’re just opportunities in disguise, each one packed with potential, begging to be seized. The real trick? Figuring out where to dive in first. With a horizon that wide, the biggest challenge is choosing which wave to ride, which battle to pick. Prioritizing and consistency are definitely the arts I'm yearning to master.

My crew teases me for spinning too many plates—ambitions that shoot higher than a skyscraper. This relentless drive to know, to explore every damn thing?

That's my rhythm, my blues. My modus operandi

Hand me something I don't know, and I'll chase it down the rabbit hole faster than you can say "Google." Mastery? Not my style. But give me a taste of a dozen trades, and I'm in my element.

This voracious appetite for bits and pieces of everything isn't just me being quirky—it's survival gear for the speed demon that is our world. I'm afraid to go down one path and find out it was wrong.

The book Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World hits it right on the nose:

“In a wicked world, relying upon experience from a single domain is not only limiting, it can be disastrous.” Today's gold goes to those who can juggle, not just those who can dig."

Cue the polymaths of history and today: Da Vinci, the original wonder junkie; Benjamin Franklin, electricity's best friend; and let's not forget Tim Ferriss, the modern-day crusader for the curious, a man who's made a life out of living life.

That's who I relate to. And why am I telling you this?

Maybe it's because a part of me thinks I owe an explanation for the chaos that is me. Here I am, churning out words on everything under the sun, ignoring all that sage advice to pick a lane and stay in it.

But here’s the thing—I can’t.

Or, more accurately, I don’t want to.

My curiosity’s got me on a leash. I write about whatever pulls me in, flitting from one fascination to the next like a moth with a light fetish. This is my outlet. If you're sticking around, maybe it's because you’ve got that same itch, that relentless drive, and a mind that doesn’t know how to sit still.

So here’s to living unapologetically, to chasing down every damned curiosity without a second thought. Cheers to that 🍻