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We all need fewer options

We all need fewer options
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In a world drunk on the excess of possibilities, we often find ourselves at the paradoxical crossroads of choice and creativity. The old adage tells us, "Having everything at your disposal is the surest way to kill the creative spark." Think about it – when was the last time too much of anything led to anything remarkable? It's the constraints, the limitations, that fuel innovation, not the endless buffet of options that paralyzes us into inaction.

Dive into the self-help universe, and you're bombarded with a cacophony of must-dos: breathe like Wim Hof, plunge into ice-cold water, meditate, lift, read, eat clean, move more. It's a wonder anyone gets anything done. Trying to cram every piece of guru advice into a single day is like trying to fit the ocean into a teacup. It's not just futile; it's madness.

Life, in its essence, is about trade-offs. You can't dance at every wedding or cry at every funeral. Imagine life as a series of seasons, each with its own focus, its own priorities. Your 20s might be your health and career spring, your 30s a summer of family and friendships. The seasons shift, and what was once a priority simmers down to make room for new growth. It's about embracing the season you're in, diving deep into what matters most, right now.

The idea of seasonal living isn't just about accepting limitations; it's about leveraging them. Dedicating yourself wholly to a few chosen pursuits often yields far greater results than a lukewarm dabbling over a lifetime. For the past five years, I've been in the throes of my career season, sacrificing time with friends and family for the sake of building something fulfilling and meaningful. Yet, every season has its end, and as one chapter closes, another beckons with the promise of renewed focus and fresh priorities.

So, what season are you living through?

Are you ready to embrace the limitations, make the hard choices, and truly live the life you're meant to, one season at a time?